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A good pair of running shorts is essential for ultra running. I’ve been training and racing in Vivolicious clothing for the past 4 years, and everyone knows I am an unabashed fan of their Tech Shorts. As an obsessive trail runner who spends a lot of time out on the trails, I can attest that these are the best women’s specific short tights available to female runners. Here are my thoughts on the finer details and performance of the Vivolicious Tech Shorts.

Perfect Fit For me, a good pair of running shorts should first and foremost be the right fit. I remember putting on my very first pair of Vivolicious Shorts and thinking: “now this is a pair of shorts that was designed by women for women”. Vivolicious Tech Shorts are cut with the female figure in mind. The wider waistband hugs the hips without feeling constrictive and sits just under the belly button, preventing the shorts from sliding down during running. Vivolicious uses a lightweight fabric that is stretchy enough to allow complete freedom of movement to run, climb and scramble on the trails. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps me cool while offering UPF30+ protection against the blazing sun. Plus, the material dries very quickly and doesn’t cause any chafing at all, even after 100km of racing in extreme mountain conditions. What is more, when the mountain weather gets nasty, my long tights, thermal bottoms and rain pants all slide easily over the Tech Shorts, without snagging or feeling bulky. This allows me to change in and out of warmer gear without wasting time.
Ultra-Durable The Tech Shorts shed dirt and trail gunk surprisingly well, and unlike my socks, they’re always spotless and good-as-new after a wash. They handle wet weather equally well and dry faster than most other shorts or tights I’ve tried over the years. These shorts are adventure proof and survived me trudging through muddy Scotland trails and skidding down gnarly Drakensberg passes, without so much as a stain or tear. The Tech Shorts are also extremely durable and can withstand hundreds of washes without fading or fraying, giving you more wear for your buck.
Super Versatile These are by far the most versatile Shorts I’ve ever owned. On top of being a star on the trails, I also wear my Tech Shorts to yoga class and gym. Also, because of the quick-dry fabric, they’re perfect for other adventures such as kloofing, kayaking, or that much needed swim in a rock pool after a long run. The Vivolicious Tech Shorts is my go-to shorts for any outdoor adventure.
Eye-Catching Designs With their bold designs and bright colours, Vivolicious has shown us that performance clothing can still be fun and feminine. This means that I can play hard while looking great. On top of that, Vivolicious is proudly South African, and their designs have a district local flavour. They regularly launch new designs inspired by our local fauna and flora because we all know local is lekker! The Tech Shorts come with a clever thigh pocket, perfect for carrying my phone/iPod as well as a hidden key pocket at the back.
So, if you’re looking for the ultimate women’s specific endurance shorts, that won’t chafe or slip down and can handle tough trail conditions, look no further! Get yours at Happy Running Tarrin P.S. Vivolicious now also makes a men’s version of the Tech Shorts!