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Couch-to-5k Challenge

Get Active. Get Fit

My mission as your running coach is to help you become a healthier, happier and stronger runner. I provide a fun and motivating training experience because I believe training shouldn’t be a chore. I also believe a running coach should not be a drill sergeant, but someone who helps you reach your running potential.  We should keep the joy of running alive on our journey to become better runners.

Whether you are just starting out or you want to get back into running after a long break, the Couch-to-5K Challenge is the perfect running program to get you active and fit. If you can already walk for half an hour, the chances are that you can pick up the pace and give running a go. 

Our Couch-to-5K Challenge is an eight-week program. It includes four to five workouts per week, and the aim is to have you running 5 km by the final week. The program is delivered through the Training Peaks app, where we will be giving you weekly feedback and guidance to help you on your journey. 

The cost for the eight-week program is R900 (one payment) or R450/month (two payments). 

Let’s take your running to the next level. Sign up today.

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